A Project by Kari Cahill + Sharon Greene


c 1605 - 1615


1. the outermost layer of the skin; epidermis


On a trip around the west of Ireland, a simple idea was born - to reconnect with a trade that has long been neglected in Ireland.
Our Island is going through a cultural revival - looking inward for inspiration, awakening old crafts and forgotten traditions, and repossessing pride in our heritage. We wanted to be part of this revival + to celebrate this Island. 

Scarfskin focussed on the Sheepskin Trade and used design processes, collaboration, and commerce in an attempt to revive this forgotten industry. 
Through Scarfskin we investigated and journeyed through the countryside, talking to farmers, spinners, and all sorts of folks with stories to tell about their memories about the trade. Thank you to everyone who supported us. 

These images were taken on Military Road + at up a hill at Glendalough, in Wicklow by Shantanu Starick as part of his Pixel Trade Project