I am drawn to the idea that we are from the land, and that through our experience of it we begin to embody its essence. My work aims to close the gap between physical and emotional experiences of place. 



Through my projects I has been occupied with the notion that in order to understand where we come from and the elements that form us both evolutionarily and culturally, we must first find a way of accessing the natural world; spend time in deep forests, watch the power of crashing waves, sit still and see the clouds moving overhead. I believe that this has the potential to create and facilitate a sense of belonging - one that may give us the courage to fight for ourselves and our place in this world. 


My most recent series of works are a visual interpretation of these experiences; the winter light’s stark shadows which linger, fading low on the mountainside; the pure vast darkness of an overcast night on the peninsula; wild winds fluttering over sharp winter waves.


By pulling and dragging colour and texture across the canvas with the same energy felt from the crashing rain or by manipulating the visceral medium of paint to create a balance of motion, each piece gestures to the presence in a fleeting moment.


An important part of my process is spending time on a specific site considering the impact of the elements and how her work will form around these conditions. Through my work, I open up routes of access to the landscape in an attempt to gain a better understanding of belonging. By exhibiting these works to a wider audience, and in alternative viewing spaces, the viewer to experiences a new perspective of the surrounding elements and gains a better understanding of the landscape surrounding them.